I love my clients (and they love me back)!


In my many years as a business leader, I had the opportunity to do a lot of professional coaching. You can imagine my surprise when I received an astrology reading with Rhetta as a birthday gift and the reading turned out to be more helpful than anything I'd done in the corporate world.
       Rhetta's readings (I went back for more!) helped me listen to my heart and my intuition about what I should pursue with the next chapter in my career. As a coach and project manager, she's helped me take the insights from the stars and apply them to my real-life projects and goals.  I ended up with an action plan, laser focus and now my dream business.

Wiebke Liu | Founder & Chief Instigator

I'm a philanthropist and artist, and a year ago, I was overwhelmed and struggling. There were so many people suffering and I couldn't focus on what and where I wanted to put my money and my efforts. What is my passion? How can I make a difference? 
       Rhetta was able to use her knowledge of branding, her intuition, and her open heart to help me uncover my life’s purpose. She helped me to see the bigger picture of what I am here to do.  Together we launched SHAMEBOOTH - a traveling interactive art installation and cultural experiment and the SHAMEBOOTH Podcast.  And I'm speaking nationally about the social stigma and impact of unaddressed Shame.

- Paula Williams
Founder & Creator of Shamebooth and CEO of The Mortar Foundation


I came to Rhetta feeling stuck in my life and my career. But working with her, my clarity and focus has increased phenomenally, allowing me to take action with new energy. I see so many possibilities now! 
        Rhetta is great at taking astrology and making connections to real life that actually give you actionable solutions. She's easy to work with, inspiring and transformative. Oh, and she's both fun and funny. Highly recommend!                                                        

                                                                            —BRENDA LUCERo
                                                                             Project Director

I had a dream. I wanted to bake specialty cakes for people who couldn’t indulge in such things due to food allergies or other medically prohibitive conditions. As I began to tell people about my idea, I heard myself saying, "It sounds silly, I know, but I want to start a little business baking cakes.” [grimace]

Then I met with Rhetta, and the transformation began. We started with a chart reading that revealed my soul's purpose, gifts and challenges—it was so validating and empowering!  We immediately began working together with weekly coaching sessions. We tackled my challenges and limiting beliefs and also expanded on my gifts. She helped me harness my drive to actually start and and now grow my business. I heart her.

Alicia Lynch
Founder REbellion Dogs Bakery

Screen Shot 2015-09-14 at 10.09.13 PM.png

Before working with Rhetta, I thought astrology was kind of silly, nothing but horoscopes in the local paper. Rhetta helped me to appreciate the ancient and complex system upon which astrology is based and the impact it has had in science, medicine, navigation, and agriculture. 
         More importantly, through our astrological explorations, I've gained valuable insight into who I am, what I want to do, and how I want to be in the world.  There are a lot of people out there claiming to be metaphysical practitioners, but Rhetta is the real deal.

Lisa Henderson
Author, Design Thinker