I'm your Dream Partner.



Have a dream career, business or way of living that you've been waiting to bring to light? 

Reinvention. Transition. Unstuck. Career Change.

Ipartner with female entreprenuers and solo-enterprenuers toenvision and create their dream life.  Starting with the alignment of your heart and soul's purpose with the work you offer the world.  Align, Clarify, Refine, Launch,Live.   Its just that simple.




Dream Jobs are more often created than found, so they're rarely attainable through conventional searches.  Creating one requires strong self-knowledge.

Most job-hunters who fail to find their dream job fail not because they lack information about the job market, but because they lack informaiton about themselves," DickBolles


Each of us carries within a secret yearning - a yearning that, as time and life march on., often becomes a secret sorrow.  That yearning will be different for each of us, as it is the most deeply longed-for expression of self.  Only to the degree that we - each ofus - are abile to bring forth our own hearts core will our lives feel fulfilled, truly worthwhile"

-George Kinder








Working Together

12-week Coaching Series

1: Life Purpose REading

Let's find out why you are here - what your soul has come to learn or experience.

The Life Purpose Reading informs you of what you have come here to do, what experiences will bring you the most fulfillment and where you're likely to get hung-up. 


 3: action Planning

With your vision and purpose in hand, we spend a an in-depth 2 hour session to create a step by step action plan to get you from Blah to Bliss in 90-days.  The action plan is the real-deal, its a timeline with key milestones, deliverables, and goals all tied to your purpose.  Coaching Action Session


 2: Alignment Coaching

Following Purpose reading next step is the Alignment Session.  We now get down to work creating your personal purpose statement and a vision for your life living in alignment with your purpose.  Through coaching sessions, review of current astrological cycles and visioning, you gain clarity, focus and ready to take action.

 4:  Accountability Group

Join a group of like-minded goal focused people. Meet weekly to review your action plans and keep each other focused, and inspired to bring their purpose to life. Meetings are either in-person or via video conference. Join a Group Request