Parenting with Soul:
Using astrology to create a deeper connection with your child

Despite what you may have heard, kids actually do come with an owner’s manual—of sorts. Each child has a natal chart that provides insight into their innate programming, growth areas and evolutionary purpose.

This session offers individualized insights into your child and identifies practical ways you can be the best parent for your baby, whether he’s 14 weeks or 14 years. You’ll leave with a better understanding of your child's specific styles: how they communicate, love, play, make friends, and learn.

This session will reveal what makes your child feel alive, seen, and nurtured.

You’ll also gain specific knowledge of how you can adjust your parenting style to match your child, so you can guide them into become the thriving, well-adjusted adult they were born to be. When they face a challenge, should you coddle them? Push them? Or just step back? We’ll figure it out based on what we find in their chart.

Finally, we’ll compare your natal chart to your child’s looking for where the two sync smoothly and where you may face challenges. We’ll discuss options for maximizing and managing both, so you can learn how to solidify and strengthen your connection.

The Details:

  • 90-minute session via Zoom

  • Up to two adults are invited to attend the session (the session is not for the child)

  • Audio recording of the session provided

  • Print or pdf of the child’s and parent’s natal charts provided

What parents are saying…

… where were you when my daughter was going through her teen years…wish I’d known this then…
— Dana, mother, SVP
You made me a better mom to my girls literally within an hour! I didn’t realize my little Capricorn truly needs to do things by herself. Now I know, thanks to you, that she turns down my offers for help because her soul is making her climb her mountains by herself. My second baby, my Gemini, on the other hand, loves rapid brainstorms, collaborating and lots of hands-on-help. My husband and I can support each girl better now…
— Wiebke, mother, CEO