Super Full Moon October 15, 2016

Super Full Moon -

Coming up on October 15 at 9:23 pm we will have the Aires Full Moon.  For a Full Moon to occur, the sun must be exactly opposite the moon in the cosmos. In this one, we have the Moon in Aries and the Sun in Libra which is a call to balance the need for harmony and courage to assert ourselves to ask for what is rightfully ours.

In this position, the moon fully reflects the suns light and illuminates the dark night. It also brings light within and around us to reveal what has been hidden deep within us or those near us.   As above, so below.  This ‘reveal” is welcomed because, in order for us to deal with issues, we gotta know what they are, they have to be brought out into the open.  Since the Libra sun is the one shining the light, this issues will likely reveal themselves in a diplomatic way. And offer us a graceful civil way to approach the revelation.  

Additionally, a Full Moon also brings to fruition the seeds that were planted at the new moon back. Look back to 10/1.  What were you working on then? What were you challenged with?  See if those same themes come back to the surface and where you are in relationship to concluding that project/issue? This is expected to provide earned results of previous hard work

What’s Special about this moon?
1) Its a Super Moon (cause its super close to the earth) and since it is so close to us, it will have an even stronger effect than usual on our emotions - our psyche.

2) Its squaring (in a 90 degree relationship) with Mars & Pluto in Capricorn.  
We talked about this a bit last week. Mars is the activator "let’s go, let’s go, me first, me first!" and Pluto is intense an powerful Darth Vader wanting to get to the root of the issue and destroy it.  
These guys are both in the sign Capricorn which gives them structure, focus and stamina to succeed at whatever it is they are focused on. These three come together to give you what you need to get the job done.

3) But wait, there’s more! Uranus, the god of lighting, sudden flashes of genius is in the mix.  
He’s snuggled up right next to the moon. This on its on, Moon and Uranus having a cup of coffee together is a mix of new ideas, need for freedom and need for love, nurturing and safety.  It takes them a while to find some common ground.  But now we have the Moon and Uranus seated opposite the graceful, diplomatic, need for peace Libra sun and both are being T-boned by Pluto and Mars - well, Sha-ZAM!  Work that seating arrangement out, Miss Manners.

So Uranus comes to the party and brings electricity, excitement, new ideas and genius. In this arrangement, he is expected to focus on personal awakenings and personal breakthroughs. since we are a band of entrepreneurs, I expect the breakthroughs to be in that arena.

With all of this exciting nuclear charged energy, you may see people “spouting off” and hurling insults at one anothera little more easily and readily. Picture the upcoming election. Expect that to get a little nastier with some wack-o unexpected stuff to pop up. Watch yourself and see if you are a little more easily rattled. Do you need a timeout? Pause to look at what is going on under the agitation?