Transforming your Soul's desires into heart-centered action.

Your life is jam packed—a stressful job, taking care of family and friends, running a house, paying the bills, getting to yoga. It’s no wonder you forget your life’s purpose. That’s why I’m here.

I partner with professionals and entrepreneurs, courageous humans like you who are yearning to live their life in alignment with their higher purpose.

If you’re ready to be cracked open, seen, heard, and supported in living your best life, you’re in the right place. This is your time.

I won’t make you fill out endless questionnaires, talk about your Myers Briggs (again!), or sit in analysis for 20 years to find out who you are and what will make you most fulfilled. I start with the ancient wisdom of the stars to identify your Soul's purpose and your special gifts and talents. Then working together, we use that information to craft your personal life plan, whether it’s moving up in your current company, starting a new business or a launching social movement. 

And when we work together, we will identify your purpose and I'll help you extinguish the limiting beliefs that have kept your dreams hidden or out of reach from you for so long. I'll also show you where you are likely to have psychological or emotional roadblocks so we can find a way for you to bust through them.

After we create your vision and purpose, we get pragmatic with an action plan to get you from blah to bliss. This isn’t fluff, it’s the real deal with key milestones, deliverables and goals, all tied to your Soul’s purpose.

Accountability is a key, but it’s hard to be accountable to yourself. That's why I partner with you so you stay clear on your vision and keep moving forward on your path to your dream career.

A little about me

After 20 years of thinking I had to work in corporate America to succeed, I finally realized my own soul’s purpose: to help others break free from the fear that is keeping them from living life on their own terms. I want to be the mentor, thought partner, and dream weaver, needed to launch your vision. It’s my truest passion.

I take an integrative approach using both pragmatic and intuitive skills (and I guide you to do the same). I'm an MBA with 20 years of corporate marketing and branding experience plus a Certified Evolutionary Astrologer. Student of a Course in Miracles. Thoughtful, passionate and kind human.