Soul Desire Sessions

If you just want to dip your toe into what's possible for you, my Soul Desire Session, which includes an evolutionary astrology reading, is the perfect introduction.

A comprehensive 1.5 hour interactive session that provides an understanding of your soul’s evolutionary path. We will be working from your Soul’s Blueprint to reveal:
• Your life purpose and life lessons
• Your talents, gifts and blocks
• How to know when you are aligned with your purpose—and when you are not
• What is “up” for you right now

You'll receive an audio file of the session and PDF your natal chart.

Your birth information is required.  Please provide your birth date, exact time, and city, state (or country if outside of the USA).

In-person at my office            $450
Via Zoom/Video Conference  $250


When booking your session please provide your Birth date, time and Location (city, state or city, country if outside of the U.S.)